Westridge 6th Grade memory book

Westridge 6th Grade Memory Book Photo Upload Information

Thanks for your help collecting photos for 6th grade activities! To keep things organized, please upload to the appropriate folders below.

“YOUNGER ME” Photo: 

Will be used for a year-end video – the whole class as plays “Guess Who?”
 What we need: One baby photo of your 6th grader (about 1 year old or youngest available).BEFORE you upload, please re-name image to this format: LAST_FIRST_BABY (Ex. SMITH_JOE_BABY)

Upload “Younger Me” Photo >



What we need: UP TO TEN CANDID PHOTOS We will include as many photos as possible.PLEASE UPLOAD: Photos from any year – Westridge field trips, classroom parties, recesses, etc

If you have memories from all years, feel free to submit one for each year.
If you only have memory images from certain years, just submit those.PLEASE DO NOT: Upload photos from birthday parties, sleepovers, non-Westridge sporting events, play dates with Westridge friends, recitals, etc. …

2012-2013 - Upload Kindergarten photos >

2013-2014 - Upload 1st grade photos >

2014-2015 – Upload 2nd grade photos >

2015-2016 – Upload 3rd grade photos >

2016-2017 – Upload 4th grade photos >

2017-2018 – Upload 5th grade photos >

2018-2019 - Upload 6th grade photos >



If your child did not attend kindergarten at Westridge, we also need a kindergarten school picture for use in the memory book. (We have kindergarten photos for students who attended Westridge).

Non westridge kindergarten photos:

BEFORE you upload, please re-name image to this format: LAST_FIRST_Kindergarten (Ex. SMITH_JOE_Kindergarten)

Upload non-westridge kindergarten photo>

OPTIONAL: Submit favorite candids from other schools attended

BEFORE you upload, please re-name all images to this format LAST_FIRST_1st_OTHER(Ex. SMITH_JOE_1st_OTHER)

Upload non-westridge candid photos >