About The Owner

Antje Gray is the primary photographer at Design Matters Photography. Antje’s laid back personality will create a relaxed atmosphere and give you a chance to be yourself. She will capture your day or event with attention to every detail, as if she were shooting photos for one of the many publications she has designed.

Antje has been drawn to photography since childhood. Prior to opening Design Matters Photography, she spent years following friends and family around at their weddings with her camera. She would leave feeling frustrated at the lack of creative opportunities missed by the paid photographer. She realized that she has a passion for capturing people and events. Since that time she has taken formal classes in photography to learn the fundamentals. She has developed prints in a dark room, which helped her appreciate the convenience and flexibility of digital photography. To this day she consistently attends workshops and conferences to improve her photography skills.

Antje is also an experienced graphic designer. Over the last 18 years, she has art directed photo shoots, designed websites, identity systems, publications and more. Early in her design career she posed as a hand model, and hung out on location with photographers just to learn more about the process. Her years as a designer have made her a master in photoshop.

Antje is also owner of a graphic design studio (Design Matters).